Monday, July 27, 2015

The Elusive Due Date

Now that I'm just five days away from my due date, it's hitting home that we don't really know when she's coming. In my mind we'll go to the hospital on the due date and that'll be it, the three of us sticking to this fictional appointment. But that's just not how it works. So we're hanging out in limbo, waiting.

I've also been nervous about going early, because I feel like I need every single day to prepare.

But the truth is, we're ready and if it happened this week we could handle it. I'm at the point where there's very little I feel like doing, including laying down, sitting up, standing, walking, sleeping, eating, breathing, talking, thinking, working, writing, texting, watching TV, reading, etc. There's no escaping this uncomfortable feeling and I'm a prisoner in my own body. The skin on my stomach is stretched so tight that it feels too sensitive to be touched even in the gentlest way. I'll karate chop anyone who tries to go near my belly button. It didn't turn into an outie, by the way. It's flat, sure, but I don't think it's going to pop out.

At my weekly checkup today the doctor confirmed that nothing is happening to signify I'm heading into labor. That doesn't mean it won't happen soon enough, as I could be one of those people who go from zero to sixty. Her terrifying words, not mine. I'm hoping for things to occur naturally and without medical intervention to get the ball rolling, but I'm not downing any castor oil or other old wives tonics to get there.

So for now, we wait. And I'll continue my restless sleeping, interrupted by heartburn and bathroom breaks. I don't think Chris is getting enough sleep either, but he hasn't complained. Cross your fingers for us that she comes at just the right time.

Friday, July 17, 2015


The final ultrasound was anticlimactic. After months of watching her wave, bite toes, suck her thumb, and generally act cute as a button for her pictures, baby girl just wasn't feeling enthusiastic this last time. She was facing my back and while she hasn't dropped down into position yet, there's definitely less room for acrobatics.

What we know: She looks healthy and is growing at a good rate. At over seven pounds, she's just about full size. She's got long legs like her daddy. She's assertive like her mama, at least, that's how I'm interpreting the firm jabs I'm feeling from the inside.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Birth Plan

There's all this talk of preparing a birth plan and outlining your "dream scenario" for caregivers to cater to your wishes the best they can. A few people have suggested bringing in typed multiple copies for various staff and extras to accommodate for shift changes. Also, attach a treat to each plan so you don't seem pushy. (Because a biscotti is adequate payment for a nurse's unwavering energy and support for hours on end?)

My dream scenario is that I take a luxurious nap in a hammock and wake up--pain free--with a healthy baby in my arms. Since that's not an option, my plan is this:

1. Let's try this without the aid of any drugs.
2. If that doesn't work, I'll do whatever it takes to get through it.
3. I don't want a c-section.
4. But go ahead if that's what needs to be done.
5. Please don't unnecessarily rush me, cut me, or drug me.

In short, I'm going in with hopes for the simplest route possible but no major demands or expectations. I'm not fooling myself into thinking I'll have much control over the situation. I'll do what I can to mentally and physically prepare, but I think the best tool in my arsenal will be an open mind.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scenes from a shower

I'm a little slow to upload photos these days, but I did get some shots from the fantastic baby shower my friends threw last month. I'm glad I took some photos right when I got there, because soon enough I was enveloped in the fun, yummy eats, and seemingly endless parade of gifts and friends. I'll always feel touched when I think back on it.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Counting Down

We're less than a month away from the due date...26 days to be exact! And with only five days until I'm officially full term, the countdown could be even shorter. First babies usually arrive late, but as a first baby who came two weeks early myself, I'm not banking on any set length of time. 

Some days I feel prepared; others, not so much. The nursery is still a mess and we don't have a crib yet. When friends stop over to see the house, I notice a subtle eyebrow raise when they see the nursery, quickly followed by, "It's okay. You'll get there!" I need to kick it into gear this week. But in the most basic ways, we are ready. I have changing table and diapers within reach, teeny tiny clothes washed, and swaddle blankets primed for the swaddling! 

I also want to review the materials we were given at our childbirth, infant care, and breast feeding classes. This week I also plan on packing a bag for the hospital and lining up someone to come feed the cats. 

We took a tour of the maternity ward at Seton Southwest last week. It's a small, quiet hospital, with a very calming atmosphere. It's small enough that it doesn't even have a cafeteria. But we will have a fridge to bring food for Chris and I'll have the wonderful luxury of a private room for the three of us. I felt weird snapping photos on the tour, but I did get a stealthy shot of the baby's first bed, where she'll reside in the room with us during our stay: